E-posta pazarlama hakkında bilmem gerekenler nelerdir?

In order to gain an even larger audience, companies employ several tricks. One of them happens to be e-mailing or also called e-mail marketing. It’s better than a vast majority of tips. So, what is email marketing? What benefits does it bring to companies that use it? We will answer more in the body of this essay.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is also referred to by the term “emailing”. This is a method used by companies to conduct prospecting. By opting for this they manage to easily promote their products as well as their services. It is a form of telemarketing that offers businesses the ability to stay in direct communication with their customers without resorting to intermediaries.
It’s also a great way to preserve and nurture a good relationship with prospects in order to turn them into potential customers. The vast majority of businesses use email marketing to provide existing customers with a better experience of the services they offer. Today there is a wide variety of marketing emails. Thus, companies have the possibility of using:

● welcome email;
● reminder email;
● after-sales follow-up email;
● nurturing email;
● prospecting email;

What are the main benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing has many advantages. Indeed, this type of telemarketing is less expensive and offers a great flexibility to the companies which use it. Moreover, it is also effective.

Email marketing comes at a low cost

Aside from the cost of the software that businesses use for email marketing, emailing costs nothing. Companies therefore take the opportunity to send electronic messages to all the contacts in their address book. This is beneficial to them both in the medium term and in the long term. In reality, the return on investment of the latter is always positive when it comes to email marketing. According to some surveys, the Direct Marketing Association estimates the return on investment of email marketing at more than thirty euros for every euro spent.

Emailing is highly effective

E-mailing offers the ability to precisely target prospects who have already expressed a certain curiosity about the service or products of your business. The attention they require is much less than the attention you need to give to the prospect you don’t yet know. With email marketing, it is possible that you separate your prospects from your customers according to their needs as well as their areas of interest in order to understand how they react to your communications. To achieve this, you have the option of sending them the type of content without forgetting the offers that are most likely to grab their attention.

Email marketing offers flexibility

It is a highly flexible tool since it is capable of being used at all stages of a sale. Indeed, early in the buying process, leads will be very fond of the information you offer them so that they can better understand their own needs. Depending on the results of your interactions with them, email marketing allows you to adjust the content you offer them. This helps to encourage the prospective customer to decide to buy.